Why do we always pretend??

I recently  got married and they say ‘with marriage there comes a lots of responsibilities.’ (even though I live alone with my husband and has nothing more to call as responsibility..but sometimes I guess they are correct. )

Other morning after my husband left for office,  I was enjoying my morning tea when my phone started ringing. It was a call from an old friend. she wanted to congratulate me for my marriage. We were talking after long time so soon we started gossiping about every possible thing in the world. In the middle of conversation suddenly she asked me in a very concerned voice “hey ! I forgot to ask about your in-laws. specially your mother in law…how is she??” and without any second thought I said “like any other mother in-laws” and we both laughed for a minute.

After I finished talking to her I started thinking ‘Are my in-laws really bad or I was pretending to be like any other daughter in law, who don’t like her in-laws’. sometimes we don’t realize that in our mind we has a set of fixed reference for mother in law or any other in-laws ( And all thanks to TV serials).which by the time begin to alter our feelings for them.

We have to understand that  it’s not necessary that we have to follow that reference blindly every time.  Try to look at the other side of coin also. Break that stereotype mind set and accept the fact that like us, they are also making their best effort to accommodate this new change in their life. Then only we will be able to make our home sweet home.


12 thoughts on “Why do we always pretend??

  1. Congraulations on such a small and direct Good Perspective..
    Waise which brand tea r u drinking these days which gives u such food for thought.
    Waiting to hear more from u ..

    Liked by 1 person

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