Woman’s Day: A custom or celebration??

It was a Sunday morning. Clock on wall was showing 8 am. Payal  get out of the bed and found Ankit was not there in bed. “Ankit is up early today” she told herself and rushed to the kitchen to make them breakfast. She was taken aback by surprise to see Ankit in the kitchen.”What are you doing here? Are you so hungry already?” she asked him. He turned around and said “Good morning sweetheart!! Happy women’s Day“. He was making their breakfast. Payal felt contented “I forgot!! today is women’s day..Thank you”. After having their breakfast, Ankit told her to get ready for shopping. He wanted to buy her a present on woman’s day.

They were on their way to this mall, when they saw jam on the road. On inquiring they found out a car hit a biker. Ankit said ” You bet me, some lady must be driving that car“. It was supposed to be a joke but Payal didn’t laugh. she started looking out of other window as she didn’t want to reply . They reached to the mall. Payal bought a nice dress for herself. They were heading towards food court ,when he whispered to her “hey! Look at that lady, I wonder why she has to wear that dress… she is looking so pudgy. Today’s women wear anything in the name of fashion.” Payal looked at her, she was wearing this sleeveless mid length dress and was with her girl gang. They were busy in clicking pics. It was visible on her face that she was enjoying and doesn’t give a damn about others opinion for dress. Payal smiled and followed Ankit towards food court.

Later that night, they were sitting on couch. ” So how was your woman’s day celebration?” Ankit asked. Payal looked at him, she knew this is the right time to say this “Amazing!!! I loved whatever you did for me today. But there is something I wanted to say“. Ankit had a surprised expression on his face, “Go on” he said.

Payal continued ” We celebrate WOMEN’S DAY to respect and appreciate the achievements of women in every field. The choices they made in their life. This day is not about your women (your wife, mother, sister, friends) only but is about appreciating and respecting every women out there. And we should not confine that thought to one day but every day we should encourage her. Then only we will be celebrating this day in true sense.” Ankit smiled as he knew what she was talking about. “You are absolutely correct Payal.” He said and hugged her .

Personal note :  Happy women’ day to all gorgeous ladies . This women’s day don’t wait for gift from your loved ones instead gift yourself some me time. Go and indulge yourself in some hobby classes or start reading your favorite books again, listen to your favorite music. Just do whatever makes you happy because woman’s day is all about celebrating womanhood.


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