“DAD,I miss you more now ” she said .

Ria was sitting in her room, feeling tired after all wedding rituals, yet she was on seventh sky. And why wouldn’t she be? After all  she got married to love of her life. Since a long time, Manav and Ria were trying really hard to convince her parent for their marriage, And now they succeed in it.( These parents are I tell you!!! can never be happy with your decision of getting married with your choice 😦  at least they should consider things before denying. isn’t it? )

Although everything was good in her new home but still she was feeling doomed. she was missing her home badly and specially her dad. Ria was never very outspoken with her dad but like other children, she always believed that her father will be there to guide her through thick and thins of life. And indeed he was. When Ria left for hostel in graduation, she used to feel homesick terribly.  Her father used to call her everyday and everyday she used to tell him that how much she misses home. And at last she would say ” I miss you dad “.

During her VIDAI when she hugged him, there are so many things she  wanted to tell him. she wanted to say  “he was , he is and he will always be her favorite superhero…that she can’t thank enough for always trusting her decisions and being on her side, to give her freedom to peruse her dreams, to fulfill her every demand or last but not the least to bring her into this world.” but she couldn’t say anything, all she did was cry her heart out.

When she was lost in her own world, Manav enter in room. He was talking to someone on phone. Manav gives phone in Ria’s hand and said ” He wants to talk to you”. She took the phone and put it on speaker “Hello” she said. Her father was on other side “How are you beta? how you feeling there? Everybody here is missing you. I am missing you too beta”. Ria moved into tears, with chocked voice she said “I miss more now DAD”. There was silence on both side then her father said ” I know dear. Manav is a very good guy , he will always keep you happy. I am delighted with your choice”. She hold Manav’s hand in hers, she always wanted to hear this since she told her parents about their relationship.” Thank you Dad, I am glad to hear this” Ria said happily.




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